Refracta 9 and Obarun excellence + Artix

The Refracta team is throwing out a glimpse of the nearly ready Devuan 2.0 (ascii) with a new iso release that can be found here:

Devuan 2 Ascii OpenRC eudev = Refracta9

Check out my kernel version 4.15 Can you tell it is running on OpenRC? All those green and and blue OKs while it is booting up it is proof that it is!

I made several installations of the same system in various machines, some being 10yrs old.  Not a problem.  I also installed OpenRC on them and replaced the sysv-rc and it  runs fine.  I can’t really say there is a difference while running it with OpenRC but Ram use is low while coming to an idle on the desktop.  (I only use Openbox).  Experts say that when you upgrade from Jessie to Ascii you get some trash left behind, from no longer used conf files I suspect, that you don’t get with a clean install of an Ascii iso.  I don’t think it is that big of a deal but to people who strive to make their complete system fit in a disk from the early 90s, things like this matter 🙂  I love you guys!  (vuudo, miyo, refracta, how is this for objective criticism?).


I have to admit I am falling hard for this.  I can hardly spend any time on all other systems and I find myself constantly on Obarun.  I like it so much I have two installations of it running, both [testing].  The second one is a hybrid, which Eric may not like, but instead of the arch core and system repositories I have substituted Artix.  So really it is like Artix with S6 as an init system, the whole group of Obarun tools and sctipts, and with the systemd/libsystemd, restrictions removed.  It runs great.  It is not as hard-core anti-systemd as straight Obarun is, as Artix uses dummy replacements for Arch’s required dependencies of systemd crap, but it  is a fine hybrid.  If you are interested in trying it write a comment and I will elaborate on the specifics.

Artix is Artix as it has been for the past 4+ months.  New packages rain 2-3 times a day and the thing never breaks.  It is so good it is boring.  But with Obarun’s S6 I have managed to save about 7MB of Ram use over the same thing on straight Artix.  What is 7MB of Ram you may ask when Debian takes about 150MB of Ram more to get the same idling system?

Artix released its third installer on Jan 5 2018.

(Note:  While I was writing all this a new LXQT-iso was leleased to fix a problem in calamares in forming a new partition.  The problem was fixed on the iso dated Jan 08 2018.

I am proud to say that the systems I have selected and cover on this site are getting better and better and it is getting harder and harder to pick.  Refracta9 with OpenRC and eudev, Obarun, or Obarun over Artix, or Artix?

Note1:  Obarun prefers zsh as its common shell instead of the usual bash and it takes a little getting used to, but bash is there as well if you are so neat picky.

Note2:  I thought staying away from systemd was like a political move.  A sacrifice of some short.  Come to find out that it doesn’t make any technical sense to be running this damn thing as everything is faster and lighter without it.  Maybe someone needs to tell all those people what they are missing on!

Nore3:  While people took days off for holidays, on the eve, on the main day, and the day after, about the only new packages that appeared ware from Obarun.  Even Debian and Arch with their huge chains of command and supervision, remained frozen for 2-3 days.  Eric’s Obarun kept producing fresh updates!   This is an underline to the commitment of this distribution.

One thought on “Refracta 9 and Obarun excellence + Artix

  1. Hello, thank you for these informations and your efforts. I’m really interested in using s6 on Artix so could you write a little more about how to use the Obarun repos on Artix to boot using s6?
    Also, do you know if there are any plans as to when Artix will deliver the choice to boot with s6 during the installation process?
    Thank you very much!


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