News about Devuan and little news about Artix

I’ll start with Artix, which made one step closer to its official stable edition by shifting its testing-repository into stable. It was also reported as a distribution on Distrowatch.  If you go to the main page and click on most popular in 7days it ranks as 16th today (10/21) and I believe as 3rd non-systemd distribution.

Devuan announced the official release of amprolla3, and moves away from Debian to a real 21st century package management.  Whether we will like it or not remains to be seen.  Linux folk are hard to please, so some will find a reason to dislike it, and if it is mandated there will be more.  But that does not make it a bad thing, nor is systemd ever going to be a good thing based on this analogy.  We shall see!

Here is a copy of the announcement:

Dear dev1rs,

We are happy to announce that ‘amprolla3’, the rewrite of nextime’s amprolla by parazyd and Wizzup, is finally up and running and ready to be tested.

The code can be found at:

The rewrite increases the frequency of merges (now performed every few minutes, rather than once a day), meaning that new packages, updates, and upgrades will be available almost immediately to Devuan users.

We have set up a second host which will serve Devuan packages as merged by the new amprolla3. It is now available at and currently serves Devuan Jessie, Devuan Ascii, and Devuan Ceres, including all the *-security and *-updates sections.

The host,, also supports https. If you want to help testing the new amprolla3, you just need to: – replace “” with “” in your /etc/apt/sources.list – # apt-get update – # apt-get install devuan-keyring Then just use it as you did with

Please report any bugs on, as usual.

The current host remains up and running and perfectly usable. Once the testing of amprolla3 is complete, the transition to the new system should be seamless and transparent to all users.

The new amprolla3 also provides support for the currently missing Contents*.gz files (solving the apt-file bug).

The feature will be made available in the coming couple of days.


The Dev1Devs

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