ArchBang based on Artix

Download archbang-artix-210917.iso (625.0 MB)

According to Distrowatch this is a new release based on Artix.  ArchBang’s webpage is its forum.  Mr Green the AB developer seems to have given up on fighting the hacked init OpenRC system from Aur and switched the primary repositories of the system from Arch to Artix.  For those that like openbox or i3 simplicity and a lean base this may be your distro.  ArchBang has been around for a while, it is a known entity.  For it to base their system to Artix on its second month of existence you know that Artix is not to be taken lightly.  This snowball is picking up some momentum now.  Hold on!

2 thoughts on “ArchBang based on Artix

  1. I’d really like to know who the hell is behind Distrowatch and how much do “some” pay. Arch-Bang had an update, it was listed on the list of update distros on the left but as it is usually the case of adding a post for each new version of a distribution, for the second time in a row there was nothing on ArchBang. Also, if you click on ArchBang on Distrowatch it shows it as a distribution that has not been attended for years (last iso entry is for 2012) although in the header it says it was updated last on June 2017.
    Meanwhile since August ArchBang has showed as new release a couple of times.

    On the description of the distribution it shows as ArchBang being based on systemd 232. ArchBang for a long while has been using Arch-OpenRC and just recently, as those OpenRC repositories are vanishing from Arch and Manjaro, ArchBang shifted in utilizing Artix repositories for OpenRC.

    For those who want to stick to the ArchBang setup and not drift away from Arch Mr.Greene a few days ago released an iso with Arch repositories and systemd as init system.

    The initial descriptions of distributions use to list the init system in the handful of descriptors and when Manjaro decided to dump the OpenRC/eudev repository this descriptor was removed from all distributions. The false claim for years that Manjaro would run with any init system just wouldn’t hold up.


  2. Arch-Bang’s site has shut down, not Arch-Bang itself. For financial reasons the SurgeForce (sf or Arch-Bang site will have to be sufficient for the continuation of the project. Unfortunately the Artix-based iso is gone (maybe temporarily) and the only Arch-Bang .iso available is the one based on mainstream Arch with systemd. All the good openbox work can be found there and of course like any good Arch installation it can be converted to Artix or Obarun to escape from systemd crap!


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