Converting from Manjaro or Arch to Artix

  • Is the conversion from Arch the same as Arch-OpenRC?  If you have an arch or arch based systemd system, can you convert to Artix as easily following the applicable procedure moves?  This is for migrating from systemd Arch or Manjaro.

The guide at is for migrating from arch and manjaro  -openrc

One thought on “Converting from Manjaro or Arch to Artix

  1. The later people converted from Manjaro the harder it became. I have no direct experience with Arch but had intentionally kept a frequently updated and backed up copy o Manjaro-OpenRC. Then last week, days after the repositories were purged of OpenRC, eudev, etc. someone mentioned on the closed topic about OpenRC that the repositories had been purged earlier that week.
    There was no script telling you to move to Artix, or switch to systemd and continue on manjaro, or even warn of the upgrade breaking the installation. Nothing!

    Not only it broke, it took teminal, bash, and other essential utilities with it. It had to be powered down the analog way, of pulling the plug off the socket.

    That is how responsibly Manjaro deals with their users. Their two year old system gone without a public notice or a small script telling you not to upgrade. If you can salvage the pkg list with another distribution or a live image, and your home, hours later you may be back at a newly installed Artix (hopefully) or bigbrother’s play sandbox, Manjaro-SystemD maze.

    I managed to revert to a backup image, follow the procedure as closely as I could, and ended up being in Artix, but I speculated this was coming from Manjaro. I just couldn’t talk ahead of the event.
    It was a little bit harder to make the transition as Manjaro keeps patching pkgs 2-3 times a day so they don’t have to compile their own versions. It is like Arch with band-aids, and the true difference from Arch is only so they can say it is different. All they change is .conf files of Arch packages. At least Ubuntu is not as disrespectful to Debian as Manjaro is to Arch. So some packages had exceeded in version Artix pkgs so part of the upgrade was to downgrade. At least Artix compiles sourced pkg specific to their distribution. It is not like a 400KB pkg with 800KB of conf files. The total size of the installation went down about 15%, partially by dumping the Manjaro cache of installed binaries.

    I am so happy I will not have to look at that name again! Manjaro-trash!


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