32bit beaten by systemd agents

Not that distrowatch.com is any valid indicator of real use or a meaningful comparison among linux/unix/bsd distributions, but Manjaro has been established for some time now as a close 3rd to debian and looking at Mint.  Arch itself scores much much lower than the ubuntu of arch.

Just a little while ago, if one would use the search engine on distrowatch and selected an init system other than systemd, Manjaro would score number one as utilizing that init system.  How misleading was that?  Just about OpenRC would work and that after a very careful procedure to unload systemd and spiders, or by utilizing a different installer.  And that supported ability ended last month.  I don’t think any other init system worked without systemd, or at least it wouldn’t be stable to upgrade within Manjaro.

In the same quiet and subtle way, 32bit support is now abandoned.  You will not hear this in the news either, I bet.  One castle after another on one general and specific direction.  The majority of the market-share.  What kind of market-share do they actually have in mind, we will wait and find out.  As long as there will be a 2-3% of struggling away from totalitarian control, nobody can dare say monopoly.  It is like the beer market.  It doesn’t matter which variety you like as long as Heineken owns it, otherwise it is a micro-brew!  Dare I say a Wal-Martization of the free-open system’s market?

Shortly after this announcement (no more choice of init system on Manjaro) was made and recorded “poorly” in Distroatch, in a more general news article as a quick mention, Distrowatch abandoned the standard field of the discription of the distribution which indicated specifically the init system the distro is shipped with.  So unlike others, Manjaro, never really appeared as a systemd specific distribution, which it is!  It appeared as a neutral distribution within the systemd vs non-systemd polarization.  In other words, tens of thousands of users have yet to be officially informed that they are trapped within a system that has made a choice to be a systemd init only distribution.  This is a clear indication of how Manjaro thinks and acts.  It is only publicity and projection as the “neutral” “friendly” “popular” alternative to MS-windows and McApple.  It is all MONEY and Marketing for Manjaro, no substance.  It is like a pseudo linux for the naive.  It is the other ubuntu or mint the fürer and his puppets needed for expanding their control and domination.  Just count down on distrowatch‘s list of popularity among distro-hoppers, what rank is the top non-systemd distribution.  Most do not even go down that far, as many half way down the list are too problematic to even try any further down the list.  Mission accomplished.

Security bugs within those systems are not really and always patched, they are renamed as “additional features” and closed silently.  You, the reader of this note, have been warned!  Don’t expect to see a republication of this note on “main-stream” linux media.  The global unix/linux community has been fractured and doomed.  Whose interests are those being served by this development will let your wild imagination wonder.  By the way!  In an older weaker 64bit machine, with 4G Ram or less, which system would you pick to run in a VM just to see what it like?  Aaahhh haahhh…  it has been discontinued.  So you need something newer, faster, bigger, to see what Manjaro would be like, or do a complete installation.    The answer to the previous question may not be so simple as to be one.  There may be a consolidation of interests that are driven through this development.  Don’t date call it a conspiracy, trusts have existed in the past, exist now, and it is very legal.  It has nothing to do with conspiracy.  It is a mare form of organization by the rich and powerful who feed from a monopoly established.



Hi community, Due to the decreasing popularity of i686 among the developers and the community, we have decided to phase out the support of this architecture. 

The decision means that **v17.0.3 ISO** will be the last that allows to install 32 bit Manjaro Linux. 

September and October will be our deprecation period, during which i686 will be still receiving upgraded packages. 

Starting from November 2017, packaging will no longer require that from maintainers, effectively making i686 unsupported. 

kind regards Philip Müller _
Manjaro Project Lead_

* * * **Links** * 

Talk about this in our [forum][3] [Tweet][4] [1]: https://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/gear-icon.png [2]: https://manjaro.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/gear-icon.png ([Maintenance] 2017-09-02 - Phasing out i686 support) [3]: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/phasing-out-i686-support/30398 [4]: https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmanjaro.org%2F2017%2F09%2F02%2Fmaintenance-phasing-out-i686-support%2F&via=ManjaroLinux URL: https://manjaro.org/2017/09/02/maintenance-phasing-out-i686-support/


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