An artix backround and customizing sddm login screen

Are you using sddm as a display manager and login screen together with the artix-sddm-theme?

All the relevant configuration files are located in /usr/share/sddm/themes/artix and on /etc/sddm.conf

Some of them if you examine closely they include the name manjaro, probably because this is where they came from.  You can easily edit and replace the correct name.  The artix sddm theme was created for the initial desktop included, LXQT.  So you can edit this out and make it what you are really running and have installed.  If such little aesthetic details bother you and you don’t want your installation looking like a hack job.  Also, for those of you running openbox and were used to things in Manjaro, please not the differences in artix within your $Home/user/.config directory.  There is autostart and then there is openbox/autostart.  Make sure you don’t mix and match things or double them up or you are in for a nasty surprise or wasted ram of running the same thing in the background twice.

As in its inception, artix is meant for experienced users, not newbies who like a clean running desktop, with fancy graphics, and a ton of software pre-installed.  So little attention has been paid to the graphical side of things.  It is the core system under it all that is so great not its desktop customization.  We are trying to bridge a gap here to make artix more accessible to more people while they are eager to learn how linux really works.  Together we will find the answers we are looking for.  Stick around, this distribution is heading straight up, once its peers of well honed sysadmins realize what a great job it has been done.  Unlike big (huge even) shops, with hundreds of developers, who can not even get firefox or thunderbird running anymore because they have been hacking the chaos for way too long.

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