WARNING about Devuan endeavors/enDevuanors

Please read this if not the release notes before you click upgrade.  Jessie, stable Devuan, has full care and attention of the Devuan team of developers.  Ascii (the name of an other minor planet) which is Devuan-testing, has had minor initial attention and screening.  It is very unstable and already has proven semi-problematic.  It is by far a mild revision of straight Debian-Stretch.  No warranties that things will not break or pull in systemd dependencies and dependants.  Ceres (a third minor planet in the name sequence), Devuan-Unstable, is not even Debian-buster (testing), it is a copy of the Debian-unstable/Sid repository.  There is no Devuan intervention in this repository at all.  It is beyond even the scope of the Devuan team to be testing it.

Meanwhile the developers have mostly gone on a month vacation and are not attending much of anything, so don’t expect to get much feedback on a bug reported.  I am just saying this to warn people trying new things that they will be in unexplored territory.  It is basically like you have installed Devuan Jessie and after you lock the Devuan specific architecture packages you have switched to Debian (stable and unstable) repositories.  Meanwhile there is no Debian testing as a copy of a Devuan repository.  It is like the distance between ascii and ceres is jumping one more Debian version, from 9 to 11, when 10 does not even exist.

Be warned.

Both my ascii and ceres installations with a minor problem seem to be functional and usable in my LXDE experience.

Meanwhile, not to induce a competition between two different animals, Artix seems to be made by four people, they are working on a daily basis in August, and there are plenty of upgrades daily.  It runs like a Rolls Royce!  I can hardly believe it myself after a rough start I had switching from Manjaro-OpenRC.

In either direction one who is not a developer but a definite explorer, feels like following Christopher Colombus on his first attempt out west of Portugal.


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