08/2017 MiyoLinux releases (MakeItYourOwnLinux)

The new MiyoLinux releases are ready if anyone is interested in trying them out.
Here’s a screenshot of the desktop in the live session (click to enlarge)

Here’s a quick rundown of what has changed with this release…

MiyoLinux 2017 Release Notes


User Information:
Username = miyolinux
Password = miyo
Root password= miyo


1. PCManFM is controlling the desktop which allows for desktop icons and a few other benefits that may help people new to Openbox (this can easily be changed in the autostart file for a more classic Openbox experience).
2. The Update Notifier isn’t installed, but it is available to be installed.
3. Added the jessie-backports repository, but it’s not activated out of the box.
4. Added gxkb (a keyboard layout switcher).
5. Fixed that pesky Mouse wheel scrolling through desktops.
6. Added the ability to update icons in sub-menus.
7. Added Faenza icons.
8. Included a copy of the Obmenu-Generator .deb package.
9. DID NOT include a web browser.
10. Added much more wireless firmware.
11. Enabled Number Lock at system start-up (can be disabled in the autostart file).
12. Added a few “convenience” tools.

More information regarding each one is given in the Release Notes.

Other than those changes, Miyo is still Miyo. smile

…and many thanks to Devuan and fsmithred…and thanks to greenjeans (Vuu-Do linux) for being such an inspiration.


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