Plasma on Artrix



    Can i install plasma in artix from artix-base-rolling-x86_64.iso?


I do not see why not, although I have not tried myself, but all plasma related packages are readily available to be installed.  Also there is a plethora of plasma packages on AUR as well and installation is just as simple as it was on Manjaro or Arch.

Please verify or report if you had any problems.

7 thoughts on “Plasma on Artrix

  1. I need some advice, figured this would be a good place.

    I’m heavily leaning towards Parabola GNU/Linux-libre because they meet my specific demands:

    – Hardened LL kernel (perfect for my librebooted hardware)
    – Blacklisting of user subjugating software (blacklist.txt in their repo)
    – OpenRC in their repo.
    – FSF endorsed.

    Obviously I’m not surrendering to a DoD funded project which infects everything it touches, hence why I commented here seeking advice.
    Can I run this setup on Parabola with OpenRC? Should I install Atrix (LXQT) first and migrate to Parabola if everything is setup? is that even possible? or just install the last Majaro version with Xfce and migrate there? will that work just like LXQT?

    Hopefully you can help me.


  2. It would be great to install plasma as easily as at Manjaro Architec. I haven’t been able to do it in Artix. There are some errors that I do not know where to report. I am in a group of Telegram in Spanish called @artixlinuxes. We are more than thirty members and I would like to spread knowledge.


  3. According to declarations on the single topic discussion board on Manjaro forum you can either install plasma using a pacman -S plasma command or from the installer now there is an option to install the plasma desktop from the start. For being added in the installer I assume it is easily installed. I made my installation with LXQT and switched to LXDE, which shares a few components and libraries but it is lighter on resources.

    Again, Artix gets updates maybe twice daily and is as solid as the best other distro I have yet to experience.


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