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2020 August 22nd

List of all bicycling articles:

2020 March 08

Note:  I will not advance or really tolerate much of this consumerist culture here of buying the best and most expensive off the shelf and brag about it.  Buy what you have to, just don”t push it like crack-cocaine.  For those with a limited budget, who want to maintain a proper bike, no matter what kind or how old, I will contribute the most.  This will not be a marketplace or a place to advance marketing interests.  This is a place to exchange experience and honesty between cyclists who truly love cycling, not the act of demonstrating accessories and wealth.

I apologize to the blog’s followers for having material here that may not interest them at all.  I tried to do this without having notices sent to followers of new articles, by using pages.  But pages on wordpress do not allow comments and there seems no way about it.  The only thing I could do was backdate the bicycling related articles so they don’t foul up the main page and add a single category and tag named bicycles.

Hopefully there is an intersection between minimalistic operating systems and transportation modes.  But hope dies last.

3 thoughts on “List of cycling related articles

  1. Hi. This is to the editor. I’m a 64 yr.old retired carpenter who recently moved to an intentional community in the mountains of southern VA. (Think fat balding hippie with the remains of a ponytail…)
    I have been reading up on linux, but have not had the time to learn command line or bash, etc.
    Have until recently ridden a bicycle my whole life, but some current health issues have put a dent in that, so we’ll see if I can do that again.
    Before I moved, I was volunteering at the Newark Bike Project in Newark Delaware.
    The project takes donations of any bicycle, and either strips it for used parts if it’s not practically fixable, or fixes it up enough to be useful and puts it on the floor to sell to students and others who don’t want, need or can’t afford a new bike.
    We educate people on the basic mechanics of bicycles and how to maintain and repair them.
    We get all kinds of bikes from cheep dept. store “mountain” bikes, beach cruisers, etc., to old three speeds (some of my favorites, especially for fairly level terrain, which Newark is…), to some very high end stuff that some well-off person was getting out of their garage to make room for the latest and greatest.
    As far as unique bike shops are concerned, you might want to check out Rivendell Bikes at:
    I have no affiliation with Rivendell Bikes. I admire their dedication to quality “lifetime” bicycles and appreciate their philosophy.
    The owner/founder, Grant Petersen wrote the bicycling book, “Just Ride”.
    It’s practical, no nonsense down to earth approach to cycling struck a chord in me.
    It’s the way I have approached cycling my whole life.

    As far as linux and open source are concerned, I have read a lot about it but haven’t yet gotten into the nuts and bolts. Again, the philosophy strikes a deep chord in me.
    I came across this site looking for more info on non-systemd distributions, but I think I may probably fall somewhere between beginner and intermediate in terms of skillset.
    I was gifted an old Dell Latitude E6500 laptop with a core 2 duo and I believe ddr2. Someone wiped Vista and installed XP Professional.
    I need to get something linux on it, however my resources are limited. I’m sharing a 420 sq. ft. cabin with my sweetheart. We’re sitting at about 3200ft, no hot running water, no flush toilet. We’re sharing wi-fi with the farmhouse across the lane. Back to basics. Download speed is usually good enough to watch Netflix in the evening.
    Floyd county where I live is a little over 350 sq. miles. All water flows out . None flows in. No rail lines, no four lane highways, no bus lines like Greyhound come here. There are about 17,000 people and one stoplight in downtown Floyd which is the county seat. We’re within walking distance of Buffalo Mountain, the second highest mountain in VA at 3971ft. We have LOTS of wildlife, deer, foxes, racoons, coyotes, bear, bobcats, turkey, owls, woodpeckers, eagles, as well as the usual ones.
    There just aren’t many people interested in, let alone knowledgeable about linux and open source around here.
    In the late 1960s and early 70s a bunch of hippies moved here and cohabitated with the Brethren and the Southern Baptists.
    This is heavily trump country, but Floyd was the only county in VA to go to Bernie Sanders instead of Joe Biden in the democratic primary.

    Bottom line, I’m glad I found your site.
    I could use help with getting a decent well thought out, not bloated, reliable distro installed on my old machine.
    Warm regards, dave springer


  2. Hi Dave, your physical description sounded very familiar, I thought someone I know was pulling my leg 🙂

    I have a Bridgestone Radac RD-570, very different in philosophy than Grand’s concept, not as racy as the US model that appeared during his era, but a bit more touristy commuter orientation. I can respect his concept on bicycling, his style and quality, but I limit this mode to very flat areas. Weight and flexibility around hills is a waste, especially for our age.

    I don’t know anything that doesn’t work with Obarun so I am comfortable in advising even new-comers to try it. The distro says is oriented for advanced users because there are not enough people to do support for newbs in linux. But I am willing to assist anyone who wants to try it. Antix is also good and there is tons of support on their forum for anyone who wants to try it. Void is good too, despite me speaking against some of their choices and orientation. All those systems will run circles around an ubuntu, mint, manjaro, debian installation. The older the system the more obvious the difference in speed. The only drawback is that it limits multithreading tasks compared with modern standards. For example on an 8core machine running a 2 core virtual machine is barely noticeable.

    Floyd sounds wonderful, I though such communities were limited in the NW nowhere land. Va is a bit scary socially but wonderful naturally. What ever happened to the Patch Adams commune? Is it still active?

    Sound like the perfect place to practice permaculture, it is never too late. Maybe altering nutrition and activities will help health wise as well. How about growing mushrooms and learn about medicinal mushrooms and remediation. That will put linux to good use. Read about Paul Stamets.


  3. Your post was held automatically due to too many links on it. I have been a bit busy with other things lately and taking lockdown measures so I can spent time on this blog now. Otherwise I like and want comments to be open for people and anonymous if they don’t choose to identify themselves or provide a contact.

    Core 2 Duo with 4GB ram can run pretty much any linux, the question is how responsive the system is. In terms of crappy windows, xp/vista were both obsolete 10 years ago. Win7 I think was the only decent system that came out of that hell hole. Then it declined to become the world’s most evil spyware. Expect Gates to run for president when Biden fizzles out. This involvement of Gates into the corona-crisis is cashing in political exposure so he can make it to the last throne he hasn’t held yet. Maybe a wiser more rational Trump, but he can buy media and a profile, modify it and beat anyone he chooses by 2024.


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